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Love my long foreskin
Kik me: ForeskinLove
I wanna see your long foreskin

where the phimosis dudes at I wanna see your tight foreskin

kik me: ForeskinLove

I wanna see some foreskin damnit

Send me your foreskin pics
Love them long and tight
Kik : ForeskinLove

Show me your phimosis dick

Kik: ForeskinLove

where my hairy uncut brothas at?

kik me that hairy uncut black dick

Kik: ForeskinLove

send me your phimosis dick and tight foreskin and even long foreskin pics

Kik me: ForeskinLove

love me some foreskin mmmmmmm

cut guys if you have hairy dick then feel free to send I’ll atleast accept that if your not uncut

My ass is hungry for some uncut dick

I need me some uncut dick

Someone come suck on this
Kik me: ForeskinLove

I love hairy man holes

Someone come clean me up
Kik me your foreskin
Kik: ForeskinLove

Someone kik me

Kik: ForeskinLove
I wanna see some uncut dick
Im hungry for some tight foreskin

kik me if you got phimosis :P

Kik: ForeskinLove

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I love me some phimosis dick kik me if you got phimosis or tight foreskin

Kik: ForeskinLove

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Where are them long foreskin dudes at kik me


Kik: ForeskinLove
Phimosis, tight foreskin dudes message me toi I know your out there Damnit

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