Hot phimosis dude sent me this
Big head under that tight skin
Kik me
If you got phimosis or tight foreskin
Kik: ForeskinLove

Who wants some hairy nuts in their mouth?


His body though…


His body though…

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Love a big uncut cock.

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My dick needs a mouth, who wanna suck on this skin? Kik me : ForeskinLove

cumeleon84 said: Such a hot long foreskin. May I ask, do you actually pull it back when taking a piss? I enjoy watching uncut guys peeing through it ;).

My foreskin always cover the head

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panpc said: I love your foreskin!


Anonymous said: hi . how do I send pictures from my phimosis for you , for my iphone ?

Idk how would be able to because I don’t use apple products

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Uncut blowjob

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